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As successful as infertility treatment can be, the process of each method requires a serious amount of mental, physical and emotional attention from the woman going through it. Needless to say, this kind of demanding responsiveness can evoke a decent amount of stress in the treatment recipient, taking a large toll on their health, lifestyle and relationships. To protect themselves from stress during infertility treatment and care, women should consider these mindful, healthy and therapeutic coping techniques.


Counseling During Your Fertility Treatment

Sometimes, the best advice comes from a third party – someone with a fresh set of eyes who is completely removed from the current situation. Visiting with a certified counselor throughout your infertility journey allows women to open up privately about their own feelings, concerns, anxiety, joys and thoughts regarding their experience. Even though your family, friends or significant other may be a great support system, a professional is able to provide unbiased advice. They can also can offer coping mechanisms, and welcomed guidance during this important time.


Acupuncture to Help with your Fertility Treatment

This technique may be widely recognized for relieving physical pain symptoms, but the certain placement of acupuncture needles can target the exact routes that stress travels along, reducing the characteristics that define anxiety and depression. This stress-traveled pathway (the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis or HPA) is also the same course targeted by anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication. Since HPA has involvement with the production of the stress hormone cortisol, acupuncture is able to limit the amount that gets passed through, to a certain extent.

Yoga During Fertility Treatment

A mind-and-body practice, yoga has been known to reduce stress and decrease both blood pressure and heart rate through physical poses, meditation and controlled breathing. Even if you are a beginner and can’t physically do some of the poses, other elements of the exercise such as practicing controlled breathing, clearing the mind and engaging in an extended state of relaxation can be a great means of counteracting stress. A woman should consult her primary care doctor and certified fertility specialist before taking a class.


Benefits of a Massage for Fertility Patients

It’s always nice to get a massage, even if it’s just 15 minutes in a local mall’s massage chair. The therapeutic technique has been known to do more than just provide temporary comfort, it aids in reducing both physical and psychological levels of stress. Similar to acupuncture, massaging specific locations on a woman’s body will allow her to feel a lot less tense. Some of the pin points she should have a massage therapist focus on include her shoulders, skull and neck. Studies have shown that just an hour and a half-long massage session can drastically lower a person’s cortisol and insulin levels, both key players in someone who is experiencing stress.


Meditation During Fertility Treatment

Meditation allows people to focus their attention and eliminate any crowdedness that constantly distracts the mind, producing a state of relaxation. Women who meditate as a means to handle the stress that infertility treatment may bring on are able to experience decreased stress, anxiety, insomnia, and an increased quality of life. The coping tools that come from guided meditation may help her to better deal with other difficult situations in her life.

Schedule an Appointment with a Fertility Specialist in NJ

While all of these stress-management techniques are helpful for a woman going through infertility treatment, they’re only beneficial if she is able to access them. For that reason, South Jersey Fertility not only encourages, but offers referrals for, counseling, nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, massage and meditation. This ensures that our patient’s emotional and physical well-being is being taken care of during this critical time. If you’re going through infertility treatment, but are worried about managing your stress levels request an appointment at one of South Jersey Fertility’s four convenient New Jersey locations.

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