Supporting our Troops with a New Fertility Benefit

Brave men and women risk their lives each and every day to defend our freedom. Unfortunately, this time away from home can conflict with the time that it takes to build a family. There are options available to preserve fertility and create greater flexibility when trying to conceive, but until now there has been no insurance coverage offered to our military personnel. Recently, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the Pentagon is set to begin covering sperm and egg freezing for our troops, for the next two years before installing this as a permeant aspect of Tricare insurance coverage.

This new fertility benefit is significant because the average person in the military is of childbearing age. Being under pressure to start a family before being deployed can be difficult, so this new benefit being offered to both women and men provides couples with more options for building a family when the time is right.

Saving You Money on Fertility Treatments

It might not seem like much when looking at the costs of fertility treatments, but this coverage will save military families a lot of money. Without coverage, freezing your eggs costs upwards of $10,000 and storage can cost almost $1,000 per year.

At South Jersey Fertility Center, we have always been committed to our patients in the military and offer discounts on In Vitro Fertilization for active duty, active duty reserve, and retired military personnel and their spouses. Our practice is able to provide both cutting edge technology and personalized patient care.

If you have questions about this new fertility benefit, or the discounts and services available to military members and their spouses, then contact us today.

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