For couples that are having difficulty conceiving on their own, an egg donor can help you and your partner achieve your dream of starting a family. While there is a rigorous screening process in place for women who are looking to donate their eggs, choosing the right egg donor for you and your partner can prove to be a challenging process. When first thinking about your potential egg donor, make a list of what qualities mean the most to you. Keep the considerations below in mind when you begin to look for an egg donor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor

Choosing Between an Anonymous and Known Egg Donor

Before beginning your search for an egg donor, you and your partner must decide if you would like to have a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor. A known egg donor is typically a friend or family member who donates their eggs to you. An egg donor that you have found from a database but agrees to direct contact with you is also seen as a known egg donor. On the other hand, an anonymous egg donor is found through an online database or through your fertility center and her identity is not revealed to you or your partner. Most fertility centers have their own database of fresh egg donors to choose from. These egg donors are compensated and the donor egg recipient is provided with the amount of eggs that are retrieved from the donor in a cycle. An online egg donation program will sell a select number of frozen eggs for a set price point.

Physical Features

One of the biggest factors people base their egg donor decision on is physical appearance. This is so the child will look similar to the rest of your family. If your entire family has blonde hair and blue eyes, then you may feel like it is important to find an egg donor with the same features. Photos are included when selecting an egg donor, as well as details of physical information, such as race, height, weight, eye color, hair color, body frame, etc.

Medical History

Many donor egg recipients spend the most time reviewing a potential egg donor’s medical history before they make their final decision. Not only is it important that your potential egg donor is healthy with little to no family medical history, it is also important that her personal health history is compatible with the male’s medical history. Certain factors could make some donors more compatible than others. Other factors, like allergies and blood type, are extremely important to know about your potential egg donor, as they can be inherited.

Make the Decision with Your Partner

No matter what factors are most important to you, it is crucial that you and your partner choose the egg donor together. Struggling with infertility is an emotional time, which is why you and your partner need to be there for one another. This will be the first of many decisions you and your partner will be making together when it comes to your child, so it’s crucial that you work together. In fact, many fertility centers will require that couples attend counseling prior to proceeding with a donor egg cycle.

Find Egg Donors in New Jersey

If you and your partner have decided that using an egg donor is the right option for your family, South Jersey Fertility Center has a database of donor profiles for you to browse. Our Doctors understand that this is a sensitive time and will do everything they can to make you and your partner feel comfortable. Our Donor Egg Coordinator is available to help guide you through the process and answer your questions. For more information about our office locations throughout New Jersey and to schedule your appointment, please contact us today.

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