Taking the first step on your journey begins with meeting with a fertility specialist. Your initial visit with a doctor can be intimidating, because you might not know what to expect. The following are what you can be prepared to discuss at your first appointment:

Review of Medical History

To help our team know more about your health, we have all of our new patients complete health history forms. These forms allow us to learn more about any past fertility treatment, health concerns, or other issues that can be affecting your fertility.

Past Medical Records

We request that you bring any medical records of testing or procedures done related to fertility. This may include bloodwork, ultrasounds, MRI’s or X-Rays such as an HSG, and treatments such as surgeries, IUI’s or IVF. This way we can have all of the information at hand to discuss what other tests or treatment would be necessary, without repeating them unnecessarily.

Explanation of Testing

After reviewing your medical history and records, your Doctor will order testing. Since every situation is different, our team will tailor the testing to each individual patient’s needs. A typical testing schedule will include bloodwork, an ultrasound, an HSG, and a semen analysis for your partner. This helps us evaluate your hormone levels, check your resting follicle count, evaluate your uterus and fallopian tubes and ensure that your partner has viable sperm.

Fertility Treatment Options

One of the biggest questions that new patients have is “What are my fertility treatment options?” Our physicians will answer all of your questions and will explain various treatment options, success rates and costs. You will be provided information to take home with you and review about any fertility treatment discussed with you.

Schedule an Appointment with a Fertility Specialist in New Jersey

At South Jersey Fertility Center we hope to make your first visit as stress free, comprehensive and informative as possible. You can request an appointment here.

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South Jersey Fertility Center
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