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What is Minimal Stimulation IVF?

Minimal Stimulation IVF (or mini-stim IVF) is a gentler approach on traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF). The goal of traditional IVF is to use a high dose of medication to safely obtain as many mature eggs as possible. This helps maximize the chances of retrieving a normal embryo, which will be placed in the uterus for implantation and establishment of pregnancy.

Mini-Stim IVF works differently than traditional protocol. Using minimal medications, the goal of mini-stim IVF is to retrieve a few, high quality eggs. This protocol uses one or more oral medications (usually Clomid and/or Letrozole) and focuses on the development of 2 to 5 mature eggs. The medication dosage is not the only thing that is different about mini-stim IVF. This fertility treatment requires a completely different stimulation protocol to increase the chances of resulting in a pregnancy.

Benefits of Mini-Stim IVF

There are some benefits to mini-stim IVF. Because there is less medication involved, mini-stim IVF costs less than traditional IVF. In addition, it requires a shorter time commitment than typical IVF protocol. Because fewer eggs are retrieved, there is a significantly smaller chance of giving birth to multiples.

While traditional IVF has great success rates, it’s not the best option for all women. Wondering if you are a candidate for mini-stim IVF? See if you are a candidate below!

Typical Candidates for Mini-Stim IVF

·      Failure to Conceive After a Traditional Approach

A failed IVF cycle can leave many women feeling hopeless and wondering what can be done differently to achieve a successful pregnancy. Mini-Stim IVF is most often suggested after a woman has failed with a more traditional fertility treatment in which there may be one of the following: poor egg development, poor quality eggs, or poor quality embryos.

·      Women Over 40

Because women over 40 have fewer eggs, traditional IVF is not always the best way to go, as the aggressive stimulation can’t change how many eggs are in your body. Aggressive stimulation won’t make much of a difference for women whose ovaries provide 5 or fewer eggs per cycle.

·      Women with a High FSH/Low Ovarian Reserve

Your ovarian reserve refers to the pool of eggs present in the ovaries at a given time. A low ovarian reserve can be caused by many different factors, including: lifestyle, smoking, genetics, exposure to pollutants, ovarian surgery, endometriosis, and other medical conditions.

Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatments in New Jersey

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