Selecting the right IVF clinic near you is a decision that takes time, patience and thorough education. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an alternative reproduction method where an egg is manually combined with sperm in a laboratory dish outside of the body. The inseminated embryo is then transferred into the uterus to await childbirth.

An IVF procedure is an effective treatment route if you or your partner suffers from infertility complications or genetic problems. If you’re pursuing IVF and don’t know who to consult, it’s important to know not to rush such a monumental decision. Although there are over 400 IVF clinics throughout the country, how do you choose the right one near you? The best advice is to take your time and methodically plan out the approach to your procedure.

Searching for the Best IVF Clinic Near You

Searching for an IVF clinic that you feel comfortable with doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Start with recommendations from your doctor or even friends and family. Utilize all the accessory knowledge you can – even if it’s initially not your own. From there, educate yourself and jump into your research. You’ll want to stay informed and know exactly what you’re looking for, what you want and who will offer the best service; it’s your body after all.

Types of IVF Clinics

There are many types of fertility clinics and this is where your initial research will come into play. Making a well-educated decision won’t be as difficult once your choices are narrowed down. Let your investigation be your guide for choosing the best clinic near you. Keep in mind that every clinic is going to provide a similar service, but it has to feel right. You’re looking for a clinic that offers unrivaled care, professionalism and ultimately a comfortable experience.

· Large Practices

A large practice has greater access to resources and the ability to offer full-services compared to smaller locations. The one downfall of a larger practice is that communication with a doctor is relatively limited. Seeing the same doctor each visit may not be feasible due to the high number of patients and size of the practice.

· Fertility Networks

Fertility networks are comprised of multiple clinics operating under one organization. This allows the opportunity for a patient to choose from many different financial options.

· University and Hospital-Based Clinics

These clinics provide the greatest means of access to medical doctors, cutting edge technology and ongoing research. Try to avoid associating a hospitals reputation versus a fertility clinic; they’re only affiliated by name not practice.

IVF Clinic Checklist

There are many factors that come into play when choosing an IVF clinic. Once you have researched the different types of clinics near you, it’s now time to research the clinic’s success rates and treatment offerings. Make sure the clinic you look into, hits everything on your checklist.

· IVF Success Rates

Pay close attention to a clinic’s success rates, but be careful. Statistics can be a deceptive form of information. Clinics are required by law to subject all cycle outcomes to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, but may only submit the “best” numbers to them and on their website. Be aware of the dangers of statistics and focus on a clinic’s successful birth rates rather than successful pregnancies. If this information can’t be found anywhere, scrap that clinic out of consideration entirely.

· Interview Doctors

When you schedule a consultation with a clinic you should interview the doctor, asking him or her questions to give you a better understanding of how they work. Find out what their emotional awareness, level of concern and personality is like. Your decision whether you will follow through with this doctor will primarily be based off first impression and instinct.You should also make sure the physicians you’re meeting with are qualified. Assure that each doctor has their Obstetrics and Gynecology board certification and a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility certification. You want the best care for your body, so get the most trustworthy and professional care.

· Treatment and Financial Options

You want to make sure each clinic you look into offers an ample amount of fertility treatments. Figure out which treatments interest you and what your health insurance will cover before you make a decision. See if there are other options before considering IVF just in case.

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