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At South Jersey Fertility Center, we believe wholeheartedly in helping our patients achieve their dreams of becoming parents. We have been the proud recipient of the title “Top Doctors” from numerous South Jersey publications, and we take pride in ourselves as the only multi-physician fertility center in South Jersey wherein all of our doctors are board-certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Through our rigorous screening process, we are dedicated to securing only the healthiest eggs to safely fertilize and implant into our hopeful female patients to ultimately grant them the gift of motherhood. Have you ever wondered how you can help someone’s dream of starting a family comes true by becoming an egg donor? Read on to learn more about our egg donor criteria at South Jersey Fertility Center.

As a Qualifying Egg Donor, You Must…

Be Between the Ages of 21 and 32

Each woman is born with a certain number of eggs which cannot be increased over the course of her lifetime, so a woman between the ages of 21 and 32 statistically has more eggs than a woman above this age range. Although women do begin their lives with a great number of eggs in her ovaries, about 11,000 eggs die each month prior to the beginning of her sexual maturity. Within each donor cycle, our doctors’ goal is to retrieve between ten eggs or more.

Have Two Healthy Ovaries

To ensure the best possible results for the donor egg recipient, we only select donors who have two healthy ovaries.

Have Normal Monthly Menstrual Cycles

This criteria for egg donation is critically important, especially once ovarian stimulation begins. Donors who are selected will be asked to inject themselves daily with a drug known as Lupron, which will enable the donor to match her cycle with that of the recipient. Later on, donors will begin taking an injectable medication known as gonadotropin to encourage the release of more than one egg, as occurs during normal ovulation.

Have a BMI Greater than 19, but Not Exceeding 30

Having a healthy BMI is an important factor in selecting an egg donor candidate. Having a BMI that is too high or low can impact overall fertility and egg quality. Additionally, women with a BMI that falls short of or exceeds this range may have difficulty responding to ovarian stimulation or may be more prone to experiencing symptoms of the injectable medication required in an IVF cycle, such as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

Not be Adopted

Unfortunately, our team, like those at many fertility centers, cannot accept adopted individuals as egg donors. It is incredibly important that all of our donors can successfully provide their full medical history, complete with information and records of past family medical histories as well.

Have an Adequate Ovarian Reserve Determined by a Blood Test (FSH and AMH)

Through the use of medical screening, including blood tests, our board-certified doctors can accurately determine the number of eggs within the ovarian reserves of a potential donor. We can only accept donors with adequate ovarian reserves to ensure that our specialists can safely harvest a specified number of eggs.

Pass Additional Screening Criteria

Prospective egg donors must undergo a complete physical and psychological exam, providing both personal and family history information to our team. Blood work and further laboratory testing will also be ordered to rule out any communicable diseases, recreational drug usage, and genetic abnormalities that could affect the health of her eggs. After completion of this process, prospective individuals will be informed as to whether or not they qualify as donors. We are seeking the most qualified individuals for this procedure, candidates who are not selected are reminded that this is an incredibly exclusive process, which does not necessarily reflect the fertility of the donor. 

Become an Egg Donor at South Jersey Fertility Center

Once our preliminary screening measures are completed, donors will be able to begin the ovarian stimulation cycle and the egg retrieval process. If you can successfully meet our criteria for egg donation, you will have the incredible opportunity to give the gift of life to an individual or couple in need. At South Jersey Fertility Center, we offer a variety of services focused on reproductive health and fertility, and our donor egg coordinators work to bring compassion and high-level care to each step of the process. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please contact us at one of our four New Jersey office locations to learn more and find out if you are a qualifying candidate for egg donation.