Egg Donors in Burlington, NJ

Egg Donor Recipients in Burlington, NJ

Although success rates vary, the generalized success rate of egg donation is approximately 80 percent in the United States. Reproductive potential declines as women get older, and fertility typically ends around 5 to 10 years before menopause. However, women past their reproductive potential or menopause still have the option of getting pregnant thanks to the egg donation process and procedure in Burlington, NJ.

About the Egg Donation Process

Egg donation in Burlington involves the participation of a third party provider, the egg donor. This person donates their eggs to women who cannot become pregnant and must turn to egg donations in order to have a child. Women tend to turn to using donor eggs if they are unable to produce substantial amounts of healthy eggs, have premature ovarian failure, were born without ovaries, have chemotherapy or radiotherapy damages, have entered menopause, or want to prevent passing on a genetic diseases. In other words, the purpose of egg donations is to help a woman build the family she wants with the use of donated eggs from another woman.

Women considering becoming an egg donor in Burlington are typically:

  • Those between the ages of 21-32
  • Those with both ovaries
  • Those with normal menstrual cycles
  • Those with a BMI greater than 19, but less than 30
  • Those who know their biological parents
  • Those with a healthy ovarian reserve as measured by a blood FSH level

Egg donation can be rigorous and time consuming. For this reason, all parties involved must have an in depth understanding of how the egg donation process works in order to know what to expect before making such a huge commitment. Besides the third party egg donor, involved parties will include either the individual or couple that is trying to have children. Everyone involved must complete a preliminary screening that includes a family history exam, physical exam, blood work, a transmissible diseases screen, a recreational drug use screen, a genetic abnormalities screen, and a psychological evaluation.

Potential New Jersey Egg Donors

Potential egg donors in Burlington will be notified as to whether or not they qualify to be accepted into the program only after their preliminary screening has been completed in full.  Egg donors are always paid for their hard work and time commitment. When egg donors completely follow through on the entire egg donation process from start to finish, they are compensated $8000.

If you wish to become a participant in our donor program, please complete the donor application. Please also contact South Jersey Fertility in Burlington for more information about becoming an egg recipient and a specialist will be happy to answer all of your questions.


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