Egg Freezing in Burlington, New Jersey

Freeze Your Eggs in Burlington

Burlington, New Jersey is a beautiful town, home to many families who enjoy a close proximity to Philadelphia. Residents of Burlington also have access to the top-rated fertility specialists in New Jersey, South Jersey Fertility Center. South Jersey Fertility Center has four locations spanning Southern New Jersey, and we were proud to include Burlington as one of our practice areas. At South Jersey Fertility Center in Burlington, patients have access to all of our fertility services, including egg freezing.


What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is an excellent fertility preservation technique. It is a proactive way for women to increase their chances of having a baby in the future when the timing is better, without worrying about their egg quality or quantity reducing with age.  The egg freezing process begins with an evaluation to ensure the patient is in good health and has viable eggs. If everything looks good, the doctors will begin stimulation. During the stimulation process, the patient will undergo hormonal injections (the same used in IVF in Burlington). This increases the production of egg follicles, with the goal of producing a healthy amount of eggs for a successful retrieval (and eventually implantation).


Top Egg Freezing Specialists in Burlington

The doctors at South Jersey Fertility Center in Burlington will observe the patient throughout this process to ensure the egg follicles are properly developing. When it is time, a patient will be triggered and have her egg retrieval at our surgical center in the Marlton office. These eggs are then cryogenically frozen for the patient to utilize when she is ready to reproduce.


Is Egg Freezing Right for You?

There are several reasons why women in Burlington, NJ may choose to have their eggs frozen. Here are some of the most common reasons women choose to freeze their eggs, although there are many more:

  • Patient has not found a partner (or sperm donor).
  • Patient has cancer and wishes to preserve eggs before beginning treatment which may harm eggs.
  • Patient is not at right place in career or education to have children, but wants the choice later to have children.
  • Patient is being deployed in the military, and would like to save some eggs as a precaution.


The reasons women choose to freeze their eggs in Burlington are wide-ranging. However, one thing is the same: Egg freezing gives you some control over your fertility in the future. Nothing is ever “for sure”, but egg freezing gives women the chance to have children when the time is right for them.


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Located just off of Highway 295 at 1900 Mt. Holly Road Building 4, Suite A Burlington, NJ 08016 you will find the welcoming offices of South Jersey Fertility Center.  Our Burlington location is accessible to all who are interested in egg freezing. With top-rated specialists and a cost-effective egg freezing program, there is no better choice for egg freezing than South Jersey Fertility Center in Burlington. Contact us today!


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