IVF Success Rates in Burlington

The scientific process that involves using male sperm to fertilize a female egg outside the uterus is formally known as in vitro fertilization (IVF).  During this process, a woman’s ovulation cycle is closely monitored because eggs need to be removed for fertilization. Once a healthy egg is removed, it is then injected with a sperm cell and left to fertilize. The fertilized egg (embryo) is cultured for up to a week before being implanted into a woman’s uterus.

The purpose of IVF in Burlington, NJ is to help people dealing with infertility issues become pregnant. IVF is therefore capable of restoring hope to people who dream of having a child, but cannot get pregnant. IVF is not exclusive to woman facing infertility. IVF is a practical treatment option for men dealing with infertility as well. For example, if a man’s sperm is having difficulties penetrating an egg, the IVF technique can be administered so that the sperm cell can be directly injected into an egg. As for women, IVF in Burlington is especially helpful with fertility problems related to the fallopian tubes.

The success rates of IVF I Burlington, NJ are strong and steady. In fact, success rates are continuously growing thanks to the ongoing improvement of various reproductive technologies. Take the pre-implantation genetic screening technology for instance. With this reproductive advancement, the fertility specialists at South J Fertility Center in Burlington can help people choose healthy embryos that are free from any chromosomal abnormalities. Technologies such as the aforementioned have drastically increased IVF success rates in New Jersey.

The South Jersey Fertility Center in Burlington has our IVF success rates posted on the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology’s (SART) website. We strictly adhere to SART’s policy and procedure for reporting our IVF statistics. According to SART, whenever a gestational sac is clearly seen on an ultrasound this is considered a success. At that point, the individual is clinically pregnant.

Many factors like patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for IVF help to define the overall success rate of IVF. With South Jersey Fertility’s long standing track record of IVF success in Burlington, we are confident that we have the best IVF program in our region. To make an appointment for IVF treatment in Burlington, please fill out an online request form with South Jersey Fertility Center and someone will be in touch shortly.

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