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“As always, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about South Jersey Fertility Center. This office made me feel like I was truly cared for and not just a number. I felt so comfortable around every staff member I met! Everyone was so welcoming and loving! I will never forget Dr. Packin and Dr. Kuzbari. They truly are two people I will never forget for as long as I live! I thank you all again and I can’t wait to come back when it’s time for baby #2! Here is my son, Philip. I fall more and more in love with him each and every day. He is turning 6 months in a few days!”

“Thank you to all of the staff at South Jersey Fertility Center. They provided us with reassurance and comfort during a rough time and now we have our sweet rainbow baby, Luca Curtis! He was born on 5/19/18 at 2:34am.”
Jessica and Rob

“The staff at SJF were always welcoming upon entering. Doctors were amazing!!! Even though there were many months of emotional let downs when things weren’t successful the doctors were very uplifting and encouraging. I have PCOS and have trouble ovulating. My first son was conceived using Chlomid and IUI. My second took some time as well, but not as long. Drs quickly figured out that I was no longer responding to Chlomid and prescribed something else to help with the process and after two months of trying something new I became pregnant with my second baby. My babies are now 4 and 1 and I’m loving every moment of this crazy journey of being their mommy.”

“I can not thank SJFC enough! We tried for 6 years to have a baby and SJFC made it possible! The doctors and nurses are amazing! Dr. Sawin was there for me when I had to have emergency surgery and made me comfortable and kept me and my husband in the know with everything that was happening! Dr. Kuzbari transferred our embryo when I was all healed up and provided that extra assurance I needed during our process! Our little miracle will be 1 in a couple of weeks and I still can’t believe he’s ours! Thank you for making our dreams come true!”

“I have so much appreciation for South Jersey Fertility Center. Every doctor, nurse, assistant, receptionist, etc. provided care, comfort and excellent service. The take a common sense approach and look at all options. I felt so comfortable and confident that my needs and questions were being addressed. Ultimately I did not end up needing IVF, but was able to conceive naturally after my HSG was performed. Our daughter has provided love and joy to myself and so many others. Thank you with all my heart.”


“This little miracle was welcomed on November 5, 2017, after many years and struggles with infertility. Once we changed practices, and met with South Jersey Fertility, we realized just how amazing these doctors and nurses are, not just by hear/say. We love South Jersey Fertility!!! Thank you for making our dreams come true!”

“We are beyond thankful to SJFC for helping us conceive our little lady Sophia. They helped come up with the best treatment plan for us without going directly to IVF. Within 4 months from our initial consultation appointment we were pregnant and on a 3 week vacation in Europe. SJFC helped us monitor the early pregnancy during this time by having me get blood work done oversees and advising us the entire time! SJFC went above and beyond and is the reason we have our baby today.”


“We came to SJFC after I had already lost one ovary and fallopian tube to an ectopic pregnancy (had a tubal reversal surgery elsewhere a few years prior which most likely contributed.) Before we’d started any treatments with SJFC another ectopic occurred and during emergency surgery they found that again the tube had fused to the ovary. While the tube had to go, Dr. VanDeerlin was able to save my remaining ovary, giving us a chance for IVF. We bet everything we had on a single IVF cycle and brought home our daughter in 2011. She’s now a 6.5 year old fun-loving girl and will always be our little miracle. We’re forever thankful to Dr. VanDeerlin and all of the staff at SJFC who made our dream a reality.”

“South Jersey Fertility made our dreams come true!! Our little princess was born on April 14, 2018!!! This team gave us the best gift in the world!!! We are sooo grateful!!!”


“My husband and I came to SJFert for a second opinion after 2 unfavorable cycles with another doctor. From the first consultation with Dr. Sawin, we felt great about the options we had and the methods that were used at South Jersey. Because of Dr. Sawin and the amazing staff at South Jersey Fertility Center, we welcomed our son, Brenden Michael, on June 16, 2018. We could not be more overjoyed! We recommend South Jersey Fertility Centet to anyone seeking help to create a family.”

“In 2013, my husband and I buried our son. I never thought that I would ever feel happy again and when we tried for another baby and were unsuccessful I felt as if my world was crumbling. When we finally decided to try fertility, I never imagined that it would take almost three years and three rounds of IVF. South jersey fertility center not only gave me the continued hope I needed but the staff and doctors were very professional, compassionate, and comforting through all the ups and downs. I can’t thank them enough for my double blessing. Paxton Kenneth and Xander Robert were born on May 10, 2018 and have brought so much happiness to our lives. Big brother Maddox Michael is so in love and is enjoying his new role in the family.”


“I’m so thankful for South Jersey Fertility, without them I would not be a mother- something that I’ve dreamed to be all my life. Everyone from the techs, nurses, and doctors were amazing and compassionate. My husband and I went through a long journey to have our little boy and South Jersey Fertility made us hopeful. Thank you for everything!”

“The force was with us! Thank you to SJFC for making our dream of a family come true.”

After 6 long years and 4 embryo transfers our dream finally came true as we welcomed our perfect baby boy Armando on January 25, 2018 at 9:26am at 6 lb. 12 oz. Almost 20 in. Thank you to all of our SJ Family for being our miracle workers. We are so grateful and so blessed. God Bless you all.


“I had an IUI w/ clomid done at SJFC and was successful God willing brought my daughter Savannah. She was born 6 weeks early and has been in the NICU for 5 weeks… she is so perfect and hopefully coming home tomorrow or this weekend! We tried for 3 years, with 3 different fertility clinics and SJFC is the BEST fertility clinic I’ve been to! You didn’t treat me like a number and I got to see a DR at every visit which was diff from every clinic. Very thankful for your clinic for and God bringing this baby girl into my husband and I life!”

“This little miracle was welcomed on November 5, 2017, after many years and struggles with infertility. Once we changed practices, and met with South Jersey Fertility, we realized just how amazing these doctors and nurses are, not just by hear/say. We love South Jersey Fertility!!! Thank you for making our dreams come true!”

“Thank you for your help! I had, had perivous miscarriages and no answers or solutions as tk what to do to carry a viable pregnancy. When I got pregant with Noah I was very well taken care of and heard. Thank you! We couldn’t have done this without you!”


“In October of 2017 we had our first IVF frozen transfer, on June 29th, 2018 we welcomed our perfect little miracle, Mark Joseph! Thanks to south jersey fertility for making our dreams of becoming parents into a reality! The staff and doctors were amazing throughout the whole IVF process! We can’t thank SJFC enough! Our baby is truly our rainbow after the storm!”

Lyndsie & Mark

“Thank you to the entire staff at South Jersey Fertility. After trying both naturally and at another center unsuccessfully we were nervous it wouldn’t work for us. But with the great staff and personal care at SJFC our beautiful girl was born on 9/6/18!! Thank you to everyone!!!”

Jessica & Michael


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