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Infertility Testing

Working with a specialist to understand underlying factors can help you identify the most appropriate path forward in building your family.

Testing Provides Answers

Answers help us build the best treatment plan for you.

A thorough fertility workup provides answers that may help diagnose causes of infertility, as well as guide your care team toward the best path of treatment for your needs. While your provider will order specific labs and procedures for your individual case, below are the most commonly ordered tests.

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FSH including other day 2-3 bloodwork (Cycle days 2-3)

These tests need to be performed in our office unless you are otherwise advised. You should count the first day of your full flow as “cycle day 1”. If your cycle starts on the weekend, you may be required to come in on Monday if it is day 2 or 3 of your cycle. Remember these tests MUST be drawn on day 2-3 of your cycle. Most health insurance policies require this test before providing authorization for treatment.

Baseline Ultrasound (Cycle days 2-8)

The ultrasound appointment can be combined with the FSH/day 2-3 blood work if you are able to come in for both at the same time, otherwise they will be two separate appointments.

Hysterosalpingogram “HSG” (Cycle days 5-12)

Please call our office on day 1 of your cycle to schedule the HSG. If your period begins on the weekend please call on Monday. They are performed in the afternoon in the Marlton office between select afternoon hours.

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Office Hysteroscopy (Days 5-12)

An office hysteroscopy is used to evaluate the uterine cavity. Although this is performed during the same cycle days as an HSG, it is scheduled as a separate appointment in our Marlton office.

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Progesterone Blood Test (Cycle days 19-23)

This test is performed in our office unless you are otherwise advised. If you cannot make it to our office, you will need to notify the nursing staff if you are going to a Quest or Labcorp phlebotomy center so that they can initiate the electronic order to that lab.

Remaining Blood Tests

Remaining blood tests can be performed at any time during your menstrual cycle and will be drawn at whichever outside lab your insurance dictates we use (Quest or Labcorp). The phlebotomy center will draw your blood and send us the results.

Semen Analysis (If applicable)

A semen analysis may be ordered for your partner or spouse to determine important factors such as sperm count, motility and morphology. Please note: An appointment is required.

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To schedule specific tests ordered by a South Jersey Fertility Center provider, please contact our nurse triage line at 856-596-2233 ext. 341241.

Common Causes

Learn more about the common causes of infertility.

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