Gestational Carrier

The most wonderful gift a mother can receive.

When carrying your pregnancy isn’t possible, we’re here to bring you hope.

Gestational carriers provide a safe environment for your embryo to develop and grow throughout pregnancy until full term. A gestational carrier differs from a surrogate, as a surrogate uses her own egg and carries the pregnancy, whereas a gestational carrier has no biological relation to the child she is carrying. The outcome is your genetic, biological child, carried and delivered by a well-vetted, generous individual.


Treatment Forms & Medication Instructions: You can now access your important forms and medication instruction videos online via EngagedMD.

How it works

A gestational carrier is oftentimes selected through an agency, or can be a relative or friend. There are various emotional and legal aspects to using a gestational carrier, which is why our team of fertility specialists and donor egg coordinators work will guide you through the detailed process.

Choosing to pursue gestational carrier

Gestational carriers are commonly used in cases where the intended mother has had a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, repeated unsuccessful attempts at previous fertility treatments, or those who have had a hysterectomy. In addition, same sex male couples often use a gestational carrier and a donated egg to create an embryo that is fertilized with the sperm of one or both male partner(s).


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