LGBTQIA+ Couples

Same-sex couples have unique fertility needs that require a sensitive, supportive, and knowledgeable approach.

Serving the LGBTQIA+ Community for Decades

Our team at South Jersey Fertility Center has been helping LGBTQIA+ patients accomplish family-building goals for over three decades. From assisting with donor insemination and IVF to exploring donor egg and gestational carrier services, our team works closely with LGBTQIA+ couples to navigate the many options for each unique journey. Welcoming a new child is one of life’s greatest joys, and our team believes everyone should have the opportunity. We’re proud to help our diverse patient base achieve their dreams.

Fertility Options for Female Same-Sex Couples

Donor Insemination

The most common treatment for female same-sex couples seeking fertility treatment is insemination with donor sperm. We partner with various reputable sperm banks that provide diverse databases to choose from. Once selected, the sample(s) are shipped directly to our practice and available to be thawed the day of an Intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure.

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In Vitro Fertilization

Commonly referred to as a “Co-IVF” or “Reciprocal IVF,” this approach allows both partners to participate in conception. One partner’s eggs are fertilized with donor sperm to create an embryo. The embryo is then transferred to the other partner’s uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy. Either individual of an LGBTQIA+ couple can have embryos transferred with the option of embryo cryopreservation for future pregnancies.

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Fertility Options for Male Same-Sex Couples

Donor Egg and Gestational Carrier

For same-sex male couples who want to build their family, a gestational carrier and separate egg donor are used in a treatment cycle. The egg donor program at South Jersey Fertility Center allows couples to select a suitable egg donor. Once the eggs are retrieved, they can be fertilized and transferred to a gestational carrier to achieve pregnancy. If desired, both men will have the chance to take part in the process by each providing sperm to fertilize the egg. Our donor egg coordinator will work closely with you to set up all psychological and legal requirements needed to successfully complete this process.

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