Patient Reviews

Thanks for making our dream of parenthood a reality. We are blessed to have found you and your staff. Our beautiful daughters will always remind us of you. You are definitely the best at what you do.


I absolutely adore all of the staff and doctors. They have a very gentle, caring way about them that makes you feel like YOU ARE very special! I could go on forever listing all the things I love about them. I absolutely love this practice!


“Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all you have done for us. I have been a patient of yours for several years and that whole time everyone has done so much for me. After many treatments I was wanting to just give up, but you have all kept me going. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get pregnant and be able to have the chance to become parents. Our dream finally came true!”

“Because of your amazing center, I was blessed and am now in my second trimester. Thank you all for what you have done for me.”

“We were referred to South Jersey Fertility by my gynecologist and to date this was the best referral! The support staff were so helpful in calming our nerves and answered all questions we had. Dr. Van Deerlin guided through all of our options with knowledge and compassion. One year after our initial appointment we became parents to a beautiful baby girl, who is now a vibrant and loving 9 year old. Can’t thank the office as a whole enough for making our family complete.”

“Thank you doesn’t seem enough to convey how pleased we were with our experience at your practice. From the front office staff, to the nurses drawing labs and caring for us personally, to the doctors who were all amazing, we say THANK YOU. The work you all do is amazing!”

“I had a problem and Dr. Kuzbari did my surgery. He called me at home to check up on me to see how I was doing, can you imagine that? I am a nurse and not many doctors do that. Love all the doctors that work with me, they love their job and patients. Love them no matter what my outcome is.”

“I absolutely love all the staff at South Jersey Fertility. They made me feel so comfortable and it helped with my struggle to conceive. Thanks to the amazing doctors I now have 4 month old healthy twins! (A boy and a girl) They truly played a major role in helping my dream to be a mother come true…I’m so thankful for them!”

“I have had an amazing experience at SJFC. Everyone who works there was so nice and friendly to me. Seriously, they all treated me as if I’d been stopping by for 20 years. I’m 38 and had tried for a year. My insurance does not cover fertility, but I was having pain and possible cysts so that is covered by insurance. After having a dye test I ended up pregnant immediately. I realize how lucky I am as every office visit I saw women dealing with much more. However, the way they went about helping me and their friendly demeanor was awesome. Plus, once pregnant they gave me fantastic prenatal care for the first 8 weeks and they were so genuinely happy for me. I loved it here and will grateful for the rest of my life for this baby on its way!”

“My husband and I over the last few months have been going to the South Jersey Fertility Center for treatment.  From my first visit for consultation to my very last visit today my experience has been truly spectacular. The receptionists are always welcoming, the lab techs were quick tender and efficient, the nurses were beyond compassionate patient and knowledgeable, and the doctors were extremely personable driven to help us reach our goal, and encouraging. I would recommend SJ Fertility Center to any woman who is having or may think she will have problems with conception. I left their office this morning feeling like I was leaving part of a family. I graduated from their practice today and will be moving on to my regular OB, but my heart is forever grateful to the staff of SJ Fertility. I hope women will be inspired and encouraged to go to their practice after this review, you will most certainly be nothing but happy with your choice. To every single staff member that helped my husband and I get to this point we pour our hearts out with thanks for all you have done to help us.”

“We know you deal with thousands of patients on a yearly basis, but we want you to know that we felt as if we were your only ones. Your time, dedication, patience, and understanding were priceless during this entire process. There is no other place that we wanted to be. We know in our hearts that if we did not pick SJF to start our family that this might not have been the outcome. We are so happy that we picked you. We want you to know that the work you do is incredible. We thank you for deciding to pick your field in medicine and to help others. Without you, none of this could be possible. We want you to know that we will forever be grateful. We will be extending our family sometime next year and we will once again be choosing SJF. Lastly, we want to recognize all of the nurses and staff at your EHT office. We primarily visited that office until we graduated to our OBGYN. We will remember and we grateful to Mary,  Maureen and Elyssa. Seeing their facing and talking to them on a weekly basis was what we looked forward to. The doctors and the staff need to know the impact you have forever made on us! We thank you from our entire heart!”

“South Jersey Fertility Center helped me get pregnant with my 3 boys. We went through it over a couple of years and they kept me positive through it all. When we finally had our 1st ivf treatment we got pregnant with my beautiful son in 2004. We had a 2nd treatment but it didn’t take, so we did a 3rd treatment and we made up for the 2nd not taking because we go pregnant with twins and had 2 more beautiful boys. If you are trying to get pregnant, this is the place to go. Everyone was friendly, helpful and most of all understanding. I found out my cousin went to them too and she has 2 beautiful boys, 1 with the help of this office and one came natural. Also, my friend has a beautiful boy from them. Stop thinking about it and give them a call today. Best of luck and keep your head up.”

“After many, and I stress MANY, years of, crying, praying, dreaming, seeing specialist after specialist, treatment after treatment, I can finally say that it was ALL worth it. Just when I was about to give up I found out that Steven and I are going to have a baby!!!!! We are still early on and very “high risk” so continue to pray and wish us well…but none the less, we are PREGNANT! The people at South Jersey Fertility Center have been with me for so many years and have done so much for us! I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot even describe how I feel right now! They have truly the best staff and Drs/Nurses!”

“Almost 9 years ago there were some very patient Dr’s who called us back so we could get a second and third opinion about an option we had that was time sensitive. It was nice to be able to talk to more than one person who knew us so well and could give us different perspectives of our situation and help us make an informed decision…now we have two beautiful 8-year-olds because of it!”

“I cannot say enough great things about South Jersey Fertility. I have been a patient for many years now. After multiple attempts at IUI I was starting to lose hope. After lots of heartache they finally made my dreams come true through IVF. We are pregnant and could not be happier. A few years ago we experienced a tubal and Dr. Packin was amazing. I am very thankful for all of the doctors and staff that has helped us through this journey. Tina is the receptionist and she always was so welcoming and caring. I could call anytime and she was there to help me. We will be back in a few years to do IVF again. Thank you.”

“The staff at SJFert are phenomenal! After several years of trying for a family SJFert helps us get pregnant with our daughter Abigail. Our experience at this office as a patient for two years was wonderful. The staff are supportive kind and caring which makes a difficult process easier.”

“They are the nicest, friendliest people around! Very compassionate! I couldn’t have found a better place to help me through the process of having my son. My first round of IVF he was conceived! I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat with them. I never had one bad experience all the times I was there in Sewell & Marlton offices. 5 stars!”

Dr. Van Deerlin is one of the best doctors that I have dealt with. I was diagnosed with two large (about 10 cm each) fibroids. Although they were in positions that would make it difficult to take out (and keep my uterus) Dr. Van Deerlin was confident that he would be able to take them out. The whole process was very good with him calling me and checking up on me. He was also very willing to answer all of my many questions. He did my myomectomy taking out TEN fibroids. He did it with a horizontal incision instead of a vertical incision (amazing, given the location and number of fibroids). I would definitely recommend Dr. Van Deerlin to anyone seeking to remove uterine fibroids. He is a good doctor and a caring person.”

“We switched to South Jersey Fertility after two unsuccessful IVF cycles at another fertility clinic. I was told I have poor embryo quality. Since our first appointment we were very impressed with the entire staff. The nurses are wonderful, The doctors are very personable and knowledgeable. They explained our options and recommended going through IVF again. We did another IVF cycle with a different protocol and got pregnant. We are so thankful to South Jersey Fertility.”

Dr. Van Deerlin was so helpful and caring. His positive attitude made the journey manageable even after heartbreaks. He helped us become parents to our beautiful 8 and 4 year old girls. We are forever grateful for him and the staff at SJ Fertility Center.”

“Love this practice! All of the staff are friendly and helpful. They are happy to answer any questions you may have. Their hours are flexible and they have multiple office locations. They helped us conceive our first child and we are now entering the 2nd trimester. I would highly recommend using SJ Fertility!”

Dr. Kuzbari, we cannot being to thank you for everything you have done for us. You were such an amazing Doctor and we will forever be thankful. Your smile is contagious and so is your positive attitude and unlimited patience.”
Christina and Daniella

“From the bottom of our hearts we moved like to thank you for the quality care you have provided to our family. Within 3 weeks of my first appointment, after coming in on nothing more than a gut feeling, your open access, availability and diagnostic expertise provided me with a diagnosis and surgery date. What could have taken months, took a matter of weeks to be addressed and corrected…Thank you all for your kindness, professionalism and passion for the work you do. You truly make families dreams come true and we are all forever grateful”

“We will never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough for everything you have done for our family over the years. Our daughter was born 3 years to the day that I was diagnosed with cancer. All of you helped us become parents and we truly will never be able to thank you enough.”

“Thank you for walking with us through our journey to becoming parents. We don’t know all of the details of our future, but we are absolutely certain that this has been easier with your help, knowledge, guidance, listening and expertise. We pray that you continue blessing others.”

“There are not enough stars for me to rate this fantastic group! Thank you, to Dr. Peter Van Deerlin and all of the staff. He is a wonderful surgeon with such caring and compassion. His surgical skill is fabulous, in April I had my tubal ligation reversal and by July I had a positive pregnancy test! My husband and I are thrilled and cannot speak highly enough about this facility. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking help with any fertility issues! When it was time for us to switch to a general OB/GYN, my husband and I were both so sad to leave. I can’t wait to bring our little baby girl to the office to see the staff and hopefully we can get a picture of Dr. Van Deerlin holding her!  Thank you a million times over to all the wonderful staff!”

“As a women’s health nurse, I never thought I would encounter infertility; I had devoted my career to helping women and their babies – how could I have trouble? When my husband and I realized that we were, in fact, having trouble I knew there was only one physician to whom I would entrust our dream of adding to our family. I had encountered Doctor Weissmann as a colleague and was able to observe first hand her gentle, compassionate and thoughtful care. It was an honor to work alongside such a dedicated and intelligent physician. There was no question in my mind when it came time to seek help with our infertility issues that she would offer my family the finest treatment. I was immediately welcomed by Dr. Weissmann; she provided comprehensive, considerate and respectful care. The testing and procedures weren’t always easy, but Dr. Weissmann made us feel as though she was a partner in our care, not the person directing us. Due to her support, knowledge and pure awesomeness, we welcomed our son Joseph in 2016. I could not be happier with the care we have received and would highly recommend Dr. Weissmann to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Weissmann, for being our angel on earth.”


“There are no words that can begin to describe how much we are truly thankful for South Jersey Fertility, it’s employees, nurses, and doctors. They have each touched my family’s lives and we will forever be grateful. From the moment of our consultation to the birth announcement of our twins, SJFC was always so compassionate, loving and caring. Never did we think it would be possible for us to have more children, but SJFC helped us with our blessings. As we celebrate our twins 1st birthday in a couple weeks, we will be counting our blessings; SJFC! Thank you to all of SJFC!”
Dave and Jen

“This is an amazing clinic and they did an amazing job. The staff they really care, doctors are professional. They take you step by step on the procedure. They have so much consideration. I was discharged today from and I’m very sad it was time to say goodbye. This clinic is the number one infertility clinic in New Jersey. They made our dream come true and we expecting twins in August. Thank you all and may god bless you all. We love you dearly. If you ever think of going through IVF, this is your clinic.”

“Words can’t describe how I feel right now! Today I “graduated” from SJ fertility and will now continue with my obgyn. I started with SJ fertility in May and exactly 7 months from my first visit with Dr. Packin, I got my “congratulations,you’re pregnant” phone call! I am so happy I chose this office to help with making my dream come true! After 3 rounds of IUI and 1 round of IVF, I am now 7 weeks pregnant and absolutely thrilled! Dr. Packin and Dr. Kuzbari are absolutely amazing along with all of the other doctors, nurses and front desk staff. I will be back in a couple years for baby #2! I cried when leaving the office today, I wish I could continue all my prenatal care here!”

“After 2 years of trying, I was referred to South Jersey Fertility. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The doctor made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was in the right place. I got pregnant with my now 8 week old daughter after only one IUI attempt!”

“When me and my fiance walked into this office we didn’t know what to expect we had a million questions being a same-sex couple. After our first appointment with doctor Weissman we were speechless she answered all of our questions before we got a chance to ask. She was patient, she guided me through all of the testing and results. For years I had PCOS and she was the only doctor that found it. Whether I went to the Sewell office or Marlton was always taken care of and for two months created a bond with the nurses as well as the doctors. Dr. Weissman gave us the opportunity to be parents and I will forever be grateful.”

“My experience with South Jersey Fertility Center and the ENTIRE staff was nothing short of wonderful. Having experienced infertility for nearly three years, the doctors and nurses never gave up on me nor did they allow me to give up on myself. When one procedure did not work, they tried another. Nevertheless, after a few rounds of IVF, I am pregnant with twins. From the specialized treatment each visit to the handwritten notes after egg transfers, there was no doubt that everyone at SJF was with my husband and me every step of the way. It was particularly amazing when Dr. Kuzbari as well Tracy and the nurses came out of their offices and from all over the clinic to congratulate me when I received a positive test. Dr. Sawin was awesome in his ability to calm me when I was scared, and each doctor and nurse treated all of my concerns professionally. Infertility is not an easy diagnosis to handle, but SJF is an incredible resource in helping people’s dreams come to fruition. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to anyone who is struggling with conception. They are upfront and honest about everything which allows you to know exactly where you stand. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with these doctors and nurses.”

Dr. Sawin is a fantastic doctor with amazing bedside manner! He did my retrieval, fresh and frozen transfers resulting in my 3 year old son and new baby to be in about a week!”

“I want to thank all the staff from South Jersey Fertility for all the love and all the help. I am 3 months pregnant with twins and I couldn’t be more happy then I am now. A special thank you to Tammy and Lauren , you ladies made me feel so special and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!”

“My husband and I just wanted to than the staff of South Jersey Fertility Center for helping to make our dream of having a baby come true. From the time I walked in the door for the first time to the last time I walked out the door, everyone was warm and friendly. The staff was amazing. I felt like everyone from the front desk to the phlebotomist, to the nurses and to the doctors all knew me by name and made me feel extremely comfortable in a somewhat uncomfortable situation.”

“I wanted to personally thank you for making our dreams a reality. I came in 2013 and our daughter was form in March of 2014. Came back in early 2015 and delivered my son in October 2015. I loved every doctor and nurse at your practice and would refer anyone a hundred times over. My experience was top notch. We are very blessed to now have a daughter and son and couldn’t be happier.”

“There is no thank you card that is sufficient to express our gratitude. You have given us life’s most precious gift-family. Two rounds of IVF and two beautiful children later, we are forever in debt to you. You made our dreams of having a family a reality, all while giving us top notch care as patients. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Although my experience with South Jersey Fertility was already amazing it has gotten even better after having my egg retrieval today. I am a worry wart and freak out about anything that has to do with me medically, especially anesthesia! My experience today was more than amazing, they have such a great staff! I’ve never felt so comfortable in my life, especially under the circumstances of us going through infertility. If you want to have a staff working with you and making you feel like more than just a patient and like a family or friend, I highly recommend South Jersey Fertility!! Thank you all so much for the great experience.”

“Cannot be any more thankful and happy for the treatment I got! I just welcomed my beautiful baby boy that would not be here without help from SJFC.”

“My experience at SJF was unbelievable!! Every single doctor and nurse is amazing! I had quite a reaction to my treatment causing me to spend A LOT of time in the office and one on one with the staff. The doctors are VERY personable, even sharing their personal numbers with me and talking me off a ledge at 3am. I cannot say enough about this practice! We will be back in a few years for sure.”

“On a cold day this past March, my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. It was crazy for us to think that a couple of years ago, we weren’t sure if we would ever be able to have our own children. It was your staff that helped us get pregnant. Therefore, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all, the doctors, the nurses and everyone else at SJFC for help to make our dreams come true.”

“My little miracle is now almost 11 years old. If it weren’t for Dr. Packin, and his staff, I would not have a mini-me to be with every day. Everyone at SJFC was wonderful and caring.”

“Professional, dedicated and empathetic group of Doctors, nurses and staff. I have never had an issue. Clean office and always on time with appointments. They helped me achieve my dream of having a family!”

“SJ Fertility was simply amazing. Every step of our ivf journey was met with compassion, understanding, patience, and love. Mia Victoria was born on 4/4/15 at 2:12 am weighing in at 8lbs 14 oz 21 inches. Our miracle and bundle of joy thanks to SJF.”

Dr. Skaf is such a kind, knowledgeable man. He was a pleasure to work with as were all the doctors at SJFC. My little miracle is now almost 8yrs old! Thank you!”

“The support staff were so helpful in calming our nerves and answered all questions we had. Dr. Van Deerlin guided through all of our options with knowledge and compassion. One year after our initial appointment we became parents to a beautiful baby girl, who is now a vibrant and loving 9 year old. Cant thank the office as a whole enough for making our family complete!”

“Compassionate and sweetest nurses and doctors you’ll ever encounter. Two nurses in particular that I seemed to always work with was Tammy and Jessica!! Love them!  I cannot thank them enough for helping us create our family!”

“Highly recommended South Jersey Fertility, both offices are beyond fantastic and the staff is courteous and caring. Dr. Kuzbari is beyond amazing and one of the most thorough doctors I have met.”


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