Become an Egg Donor

Egg Donor Candidate Requirements:

• Are between the ages of 21-30
• Have two ovaries
• Have regular normal menstrual cycles
• Have a BMI greater than 19, but less than 27
• Are not adopted
• Have good ovarian reserve as measured by a blood test (FSH and AMH)
• Have passed all screening criteria

Compensation for Egg Donation

Egg Donors will be reimbursed for their time and effort. They will not be responsible for any medical charges of the procedure.  Payment will be dependent on how much of the cycle is completed. If you complete the full cycle, compensation will be $8,000. Up to six cycles are allowed.

About the Egg Donor Process

There is a rigorous screening process. This includes complete history and physical exam, blood work, laboratory testing for transmissible diseases, recreational drug use and genetic abnormalities and a psychological evaluation. Once preliminary screening has been completed, donors will be notified whether they qualify to be accepted. This does not mean there is anything wrong with these donors who are not accepted – we must have a very rigorous exclusion criteria for the benefit of both donor and recipient.  We must make sure no one will come to regret their participation in the program.

Application & Approval

Once you have printed and completed your application, you can either drop it off or mail it back to our Marlton office. Please attach a current and childhood photo of yourself. Your application will then be reviewed to determine eligibility to become a donor.

Screening & Selection

Once you are selected, a pre-cycle screening will begin which includes meetings with our staff, ultrasounds, bloodwork and further examinations to ensure each donor meets our criteria.

Donation Cycle

After all of the pre-cycle screening is completed, we can then schedule you to begin your ovarian stimulation cycle. This will include several follow up appointments while you are taking your injectable medication leading up to the egg retrieval.

Over the past six months I have been on this selfless journey of countless paperwork, exams, doctors appointments, phone calls, questionnaires, blood work, pills and injection, all for someone else. Today I do the most selfless thing I have ever done. Today I help a family create their own. At first I was scared thinking there is going to child out there with my DNA and I’ll never know, but after really thinking about it, I am proud that a possible child will have my DNA. I am proud to help a family grow. I am proud that this family has picked me. Today I feel nervous and happy all at once. Today this family will have a chance to grow because of me. Today I help a family in need. Today I become an egg donor.

SJFC Egg Donor


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