Tubal Reversal in New Jersey

How Does Tubal Ligation Reversal Work?

The process of a tubal ligation reversal surgery will begin with a conversation with your doctor. They will ask questions about your age, overall health, past pregnancies, surgical history, and information about your tubal ligation procedure (especially the method in which your tubes were tied). Candidates for tubal reversal often include those whose tubes were closed with clips or rings. You will also need to have a physical exam before the procedure to ensure that there is nothing that will keep you from getting pregnant following the reversal. Then, your fallopian tubes will be examined to determine if the reversal surgery is possible for you. If a laparoscopic tubal reversal is right for you, your surgeon will utilize microsurgical techniques to remove the clips or rings used to block your fallopian tubes and then reconnect the fallopian tube segments to the uterus. Microsurgery procedures often have a reduced recovery time, and most patients are able to return home on the same day, with complete healing of the fallopian tubes taking around three months.

New Jersey’s Only Laparoscopic Tubal Reversal Experts

For many women, the choice to have their tubes tied is carefully considered and improves the long-term quality of their lives. But for those who change their mind and desire to once again have the opportunity for children, laparoscopic tubal reversal is the best option for medical treatment. According to a study in the Journal of International Medical Research, laparoscopic tubal reversal had fewer complications, a smaller scar, and an easier recovery period with less discomfort. At South Jersey Fertility Center, we’re proud to be New Jersey’s only provider of this type of tubal ligation reversal. We want to ensure that anyone expressing regret with their tubal sterilization gets the chance to explore their options with our experienced experts.

Tubal Reversal Cost

If your medical insurance doesn’t cover the tubal reversal procedure, the total cost to you is approximately $7,850 which includes the procedure, anesthesia, and surgical center fees. If it is determined that a tubal reversal may not have its desired effects for your particular case, you may be advised to consider in-vitro fertilization (or IVF).

Tubal Reversal Near Philadelphia

For Philadelphia residents in need of tubal sterilization reversal, SJ Fertility Marlton office is a very convenient and accessible short drive away. For most, the fastest route to our office will be a thirty-minute trip up 295 South.

Once you have made your appointment, our doctors will discuss with you the several factors that may contribute to the success of your surgery. If you and your doctor agree that the laparoscopic surgery is the correct path of treatment, a second appointment will be made to conduct the procedure at the South Jersey Surgical Center in Mt. Laurel, about 15 miles away from the heart of Philadelphia. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the process or the procedure itself.

Tubal Reversal Near New York

For New York state and New York City residents, the tubal reversal treatments at South Jersey Fertility Center provide a convenient and top-of-the-line resource for your fertility needs. Dr. Peter Van Deerlin’s extensive experience and certification related to the tubal reversal procedure have placed him at the very top of his field. To get to our Burlington office from New York City, patients will have a simple trip down I-95 S to US-130-S. From New York State, your drive to South Jersey Fertility Center will be more dependent on where you live. Go to our Burlington Fertility Center page and click on “Get Directions” for more specific details.

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The tubal reversal doctors and specialists at South Jersey Fertility Center are highly experienced in helping patients. We offer tubal reversals as well as a variety of other fertility, IVF, and surgical procedures, and will work with you to determine the option that is right for you. We serve fertility patients in New Jersey through our offices in Marlton, Burlington, Sewell, and Egg Harbor. Please schedule an appointment for more information.


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