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Preparing for your upcoming IVF treatment cycle can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming time. We understand that so much has led to this point of deciding to pursue fertility care, which is why we’re here to help you navigate the common obstacles and concerns patients experience leading up to treatment. Below are the steps you can take to ensure you are prepared for your upcoming IVF cycle. 

Get Examined: Having the necessary testing is crucial before beginning any fertility treatment. Many treatment cycles require common diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound, blood work and uterine evaluation. These help prepare your fertility specialist determine what IVF protocol best fits you, and reveal any barriers to a successful cycle such as uterine polyps or cysts which can affect embryo implantation. 

Reduce Stress: Taking care of your mental health should always remain a priority, especially during such unprecedented times.

  • Exercise: Taking a walk outside, meditating or taking time for self-care are small ways to make a big difference.
  • Counseling: If seeking counseling prior to treatment is helpful, there are various counselors available for virtual or phone appointments.
  • Acupuncture: Patients undergoing IVF also often use Acupuncture, before and during their treatment cycle to decrease stress and increase success rates.

Speak With A Financial Counselor: Understanding your insurance coverage and costs associated with treatment are important before getting started. Our financial counselors are here to guide you through benefits verification, insurance requirements, prior-authorization and out of pocket costs.

Have A Detailed Consult: Speaking with a fertility specialist provides you with not only details about IVF, but about what would work best for you as an individual. We take a personalized approach to IVF cycles, so our team will walk you through what type of IVF protocol best fits your needs to deliver the highest chance of success. 

Keep Yourself Healthy: Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle leading up to your cycle is positive way to begin treatment. Keeping a balanced diet and regular exercise routine help set a successful start to your fertility treatment. In fact, obesity can cause decreased pregnancy rates and increase risks, so in many ways, maintaining your health can help increase the success of your cycle as well. 

Take Your Vitamins: Taking the necessary supplements and prenatal vitamins are all helpful. Some recommended supplements can have a positive impact on egg quality, while prenatal vitamins are a way to ensure you get enough folic acid which is critical to the development of the brain and spinal cord during pregnancy.

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