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You are a great professional and I enjoyed having you as our coordinator. Thanks for all your help and support, I hope you have many successful cases like ours.

Donor Egg Coordinator

Virginia Brannigan

Virginia started at South Jersey Fertility Center since 2015. She works to recruit donors from the tri-state area and guides the egg donors through the donation process. As she recruits donors every day, she gets to see the true power of when humanity and science come together as one to make extraordinary things happen. Her passion is to educate prospective donors on what egg donation is and how it can change the lives of our patients.

Contact Virginia: 856-596-2233 Ext. 1289

Donor Egg Coordinator

Lisa Peacock

Lisa has been with South Jersey Fertility Center for seventeen years, committed to providing exceptional patient care. Lisa is a Certified Medical Assistant who progressed in her role and and has since become Lead Medical Assistant and medication coordinator, prior becoming a donor egg coordinator. Lisa is excited to begin her new role because she wants to continue to be a part of our patient’s journey to become parents

Contact Lisa: 856-596-2233

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