Our NJ Donor Egg Program

South Jersey Fertility Center Donor Egg Program

South Jersey Fertility Center is proud to offer one of the most successful, and affordable donor egg programs in New Jersey. Our Center offers three different types of egg donation programs.One option is our fresh egg donor program, in which our patients receive fresh eggs from one of our screened and selected egg donors from the tri-state area. The other program option is to use our frozen egg program, in which our patients receive frozen eggs from South Jersey Fertility egg bank or from donors across the country through our partnership with My Egg Bank North America.

About the Egg Donor process

The use of donated eggs offers women who are struggling with infertility a successful way of building a family. By choosing to be a donor egg recipient, a woman is able to carry and deliver the baby. The difference is that the child is derived from the union of her partner’s sperm (or sometimes donor sperm) with a donated egg. The donor egg recipient is the baby’s mother from the first day of pregnancy, as she is the one providing a healthy environment for fetal development. The egg donor can be a known donor such as a family member or friend, or she can be an anonymous donor chosen from the list of prospective donors available through our practice. 

The prospective egg donor must pass medical and psychological testing before she is approved to donate eggs. The donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and an egg retrieval procedure, just as in a standard In Vitro Fertilization cycle. The anonymous egg donors receive financial compensation for their time and effort; however, surveys have found that money is not the primary motivator for egg donors. Instead, these women are truly driven by an altruistic desire to help infertile couples reach their dreams. 

About Fresh Donor Eggs

South Jersey Fertility Center recruits potential egg donors from all over the tri-state area. Our website allows you to view brief description of prospective donors and our egg donor coordinator, however complete profiles and photos are available to be reviewed in our office. The recipient will receive up to 10 fresh eggs per cycle. Many times, the egg donor produces enough eggs that some of the resulting embryos can be frozen for the patient’s use for further pregnancies. The cost of a donor egg cycle is sometimes covered by the patient’s health insurance, and our billing specialists can help give the patient the expected cost after meeting with our medical team. 

About Frozen Donor Eggs

South Jersey Fertility Center is proud to have our own frozen egg bank as well as a partnership with My Egg Bank North America. This process differs from fresh eggs in the following ways:
• The eggs have already been frozen and banked.
• There is a shorter wait time to begin a treatment cycle – no coordination of the donor’s schedule.
• Immediate selection of donor available– Screening of donor has already been performed.
• Reduced cost for patients lacking insurance coverage for IVF.

Donor Egg Specialists in South Jersey

The specialists at South Jersey Fertility Center are highly experienced at helping patients achieve their dream of building a family. We serve patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with offices located in Marlton, Burlington, Sewell, and Egg Harbor Township. We are easily accessible to patients in Burlington, Mercer, Atlantic, Camden, Ocean and Bucks Counties


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Egg Harbor Twp

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