Our Frozen Donor Egg Bank

Frozen Egg Bank in South Jersey

At South Jersey Fertility Center, our successful donor egg program includes two different options – fresh eggs or frozen eggs. The path that you choose will depend on your individual situation. If you choose to use frozen donor eggs, our frozen egg program at South Jersey Fertility Center will give you the chance to start a family of your own. You will receive frozen eggs from the South Jersey Fertility Center egg bank, where screened and local donors have donated their eggs for use to those who are struggling with infertility. We want to make you as comfortable and informed as possible throughout your fertility journey, so read on to learn more about our frozen egg bank and how the process works.

Using Frozen Donor Eggs

The process of using frozen donor eggs begins with choosing an egg donor from our egg donor database. The chosen eggs are thawed, fertilized, and then develop into embryos. During this time, the patient will be taking fertility hormones to prepare her body for implantation, and then the newly created embryo will be implanted into the uterus as with any standard IVF cycle. A benefit to using our frozen egg bank is that these frozen eggs are ready for immediate use, so the process is quicker than a cycle using a fresh donor egg. With eggs from our frozen donor egg bank, patients are given a more flexible timeline for cycles, as there is no synchronization of cycles. The IVF process when using frozen donor eggs is completely centered around your schedule, which can reduce the stress that is common during fertility treatment.

Why Use Our Frozen Egg Bank at South Jersey Fertility Center?

We are the only frozen egg bank in South Jersey, so we strive to deliver the best possible services to all of those who choose to use frozen donor eggs. We offer a cost-effective, fixed-price program with 8 eggs guaranteed. The frozen eggs in our egg bank are from extensively-screened, quality SJFC egg donors, who have met the strict criteria of our fertility center. We take great care to ensure that those who donate eggs are fully qualified to do so- they must meet specific requirements and go through a rigorous, meticulous, thorough screening process. Patients can view the online profiles of our donors to see their full background information and make a well-informed choice.

Using our egg bank allows patients to select their frozen eggs and continue treatment within the same practice, as opposed to purchasing frozen eggs at a separate agency. This consistency of services allows you to work with our egg donor coordinators each step of the way and ensures that there is no delay between choosing your frozen egg donor and starting the process of using the eggs. Frozen donor eggs from SJFC also enables patients in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York without insurance coverage for IVF to begin the process at a reduced cost.

Start Your Family with South Jersey Fertility Center

When you choose to use frozen eggs from our egg bank at South Jersey Fertility Center, you’ll receive support from our experienced team of fertility specialists from start to finish. At our offices in Marlton, Burlington, Sewell, and Egg Harbor Township, we offer successful IVF programs and other fertility treatments and services to help make your dream of starting a family become a reality. If you have any questions about our frozen egg bank or what it is like to use frozen donor eggs for your IVF cycle, or to make an appointment, please contact us today.


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