Minimal Stimulation IVF in NJ

What is Minimal Stimulation (Mini-Stim) IVF?

One of the main goals of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is to safely obtain as many mature eggs as possible, in hopes to maximize the chances of retrieving a normal embryo for transfer. IVF typically involves high doses of stimulating medications. But for women with a low egg reserve, this traditional strategy for ovarian stimulation doesn’t always result in more eggs at the time of retrieval. This is due to the fact that the number of eggs per cycle is a fixed number and cannot be increased.

For women whose ovaries provide 5 or fewer eggs per cycle, aggressive stimulation may not be cost effective. These women may benefit from Mini-Stim IVF, which uses a gentler stimulation protocol.

About the Mini-Stim IVF Procedure

Because this technique uses minimal medications, it focuses on retrieving a few, high quality eggs. The mini-stimulation protocol typically focuses on the development of 2-5 mature eggs using 1 or more oral medications (Clomid and/ or Letrozole) as well as a low dose injection medication. But just because this approach uses minimal stimulation, it does not mean that it is as simple as reducing the hormonal stimulation. It needs a completely different stimulation protocol to increase the chances of seeing success.

Mini-Stim IVF has you taking less medication, costs less, and requires less time commitment than typical IVF protocol. In addition, there is a signifcantly smaller chance of you giving birth to multiples, as less eggs are retrieved.

Who Should Consider Minimal Stimulation IVF?

This option is most often used effectively after failure of a more traditional approach in which there may be poor egg development, poor quality eggs, or poor quality embryos. Women with high FSH or a low ovarian reserve are often candidates for Mini-Stim IVF as well. This approach can also reduce unwanted side effects that could be encountered with higher dose medication. It is best to discuss your medical history with a fertility specialist to see if mini-stim IVF is the best treatment option for your body.

Minimal Stimulation IVF Procedures in South Jersey

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