Fresh vs. Frozen Donor Eggs


At South Jersey Fertility Center, our specialists in Marlton, Burlington, Sewell, and Egg Harbor Township are prepared and excited to provide you with individualized, state-of-the-art fertility care. Since beginning the IVF process can be rather daunting, we encourage prospective parents to stay as informed as possible using our online resources, and ask our doctors any questions you have. One of the best places to begin this process is to determine whether you will be using fresh or frozen donor eggs, but you may be wondering about the differences between the two. Read on to learn more about fresh and frozen donor eggs to determine which type may be the best option for you.

Our Donor Services 

Whether you choose to use fresh or frozen eggs, you can be assured that at SJFC, we utilize the same comprehensive donor screening process for all of our egg donors. By using this exclusive process, our specialists aim to provide our patients with the safest and most effective experience possible, as well as the healthiest eggs. While you may choose to use eggs from a friend or family member, our clinics also provide you with the option to select your donor from our comprehensive donor database. Our experienced physicians at South Jersey Fertility Center will help you through every step of the IVF process, offering affordable treatment options for you.

Our Fresh Egg Process

Fresh egg donors are meticulously selected by our donor egg coordinators through a rigorous screening process, which enables us to provide recipients with the greatest number of high-quality eggs to ensure successful insemination. Within this treatment plan, donors and recipients take hormone medications that aid in synchronizing the menstrual cycles of each woman so the recipient’s uterus is ready to nourish the embryo created with the donor’s egg. Our physicians at SJFC will closely monitor the synchronization process and adjust medications if necessary, supporting both our donors and recipients every step of the way.

Benefits of Fresh Donor Eggs

As fresh egg donation provides the recipient with up to ten eggs per cycle, your chance of successful insemination rests at 50% or better through this form of IVF treatment. At SJFC, we provide fresh eggs from donors across the tri-state area to recipients, enabling a broad diversity in the egg selection process. Depending on your provider, cycles using fresh donor eggs may be covered by insurance. Our facilities also offer donor embryos as a solution to infertility, which is donated by couples who have successfully benefited from our programs at SJFC, yet have additional embryos. Through the donor embryo program, recipients of our IVF services are able to help others achieve their shared dream of creating a family.

Our Frozen Egg Process

If you decide to use frozen eggs from our South Jersey Fertility Center Frozen Egg Bank, you can be guaranteed that the eggs you receive are from local donors who have matched all of our strict criteria for egg donation. Our donor egg coordinators work diligently towards selecting the best donors and are dedicated to assisting our recipients throughout the stages of the IVF process. A patient may choose to freeze her own eggs to use at a later time, or the eggs of a donor may be harvested and frozen before being chosen for a recipient. After the patient begins medications to prepare her body for an embryo transfer, the frozen eggs are thawed and fertilized by either partner or donor sperm, forming a viable embryo to transfer.

Benefits of Frozen Donor Eggs

Patients interested in using frozen eggs for the IVF process can receive these eggs from our South Jersey Fertility Center egg bank, which includes frozen eggs from screened and local donors. By using frozen eggs, recipients are given a more flexible timeline for IVF cycles as it is not necessary to match the timing of the donor’s IVF treatments. By using this route of fertilization, recipients are ensured that they will receive up to eight eggs per cycle, each maintaining their healthy condition present from the time of freezing. Prospective mothers are also guaranteed a shorter wait time to begin a treatment cycle by using frozen eggs, as the donation process has already been completed.

Fresh and Frozen Egg Donor Specialists Near You

We hope that you now feel more informed about the differences between fresh and frozen eggs- we understand that this decision can feel like a major one, but learning about your options is the best way to make your choice. At South Jersey Fertility Center, our compassionate physicians are dedicated to providing you with the best fertility care by selecting a treatment plan suited to your individual needs. Whether you are seeking to donate to a family in need, or require specialized fertility care, our team of experienced professionals will address all of your needs. For more information about the benefits of using fresh or frozen donor eggs, or to see which treatment is right for you, contact us today at South Jersey Fertility Center and let us guide you through this incredibly rewarding process.

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