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As we move into a new year, resolutions, plans, and your journey to parenthood are all on the horizon. There are a number of ways that you can proactively take steps toward achieving your goals. Our fertility experts are sharing some tips to help you better prepare you for pregnancy as we enter the new year.

  1. Understanding your insurance benefits
    As the new year begins, many will be experiencing changes to insurance benefits and new coverage. We recommend contacting our billing team to inform them of any changes, and to verify any new coverage that you may have. You also can contact your insurance directly to confirm if you have a new deductible or co-insurance.
  2. Evaluating your finances
    The financial stress of fertility treatment may be a difficult obstacle to overcome for some couples. A new year is a time for reevaluating your financial situation and exploring the options that South Jersey Fertility has to offer to help you save such as IVF packages, discount programs and financial counseling.
  3. Schedule a consultation
    A new year offers us to time to reflect or move forward with new plans. A discussion with your physician to discuss your options, or next steps may be helpful. A consultation is the best way to revisit your current treatment plan, reevaluate chances of success or move onto a different option could be better suited for you.
  4. Begin taking prenatal vitamins and supplements
    Taking prenatal vitamins, even prior to conceiving, is recommended. Whether you are looking for a prescription prenatal vitamin or an over the counter option, any prenatal with 400-800 micrograms of folic acid is sufficient to help support your body for a future healthy pregnancy.
  5. Focus on your overall health
    Now more than over, a focus on a healthy lifestyle is essential. With everyone’s day-to-day lives looking different, having a routine can be helpful. Creating structure, focusing on the positives, exercising regularly, and maintaining a balanced diet can help both your mental and physical health.

    To take the next step and schedule a consultation, contact our team at 856-596-2233 or schedule online.

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